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Our Shift to Open Beta - A brand new way to interact with AI

· 3 min read
Sara Fatih

In the past few months, we have been on a mission to make AI accessible to anybody regardless of their technical background. We spoke with over 40 domain experts and learned so much in the process!

So, back in August, we designed our visual editor where users could build AI workflows. It's all drag-and-drop and totally code-free. We were pretty sure that this was the ultimate way to simplify AI for everyone. Then came our closed beta launch in October, and that was just the start of a very interesting ride.

During our closed-beta phase, we teamed up with some amazing companies using AI in production. The insights provided by these domain experts were incredibly thorough, as they meticulously examined every aspect of our editor. Initially, we believed our solution had perfectly met the requirements, but turns out, we were a bit off the mark.

Roksana, our new UX designer, came on board just after we kicked off our closed beta. And that was quite pivotal for us, she's got a great eye for stuff that we engineers often overlook. She noticed that our editor, which we thought was super straightforward, was actually kind of speaking in code. It was a bit of a surprise to us. She showed us how we were actually making AI interaction more complex without realizing it. That was a real lightbulb moment for us!

We started digging deeper with our pilot customers and domain experts. Their insights were pure gold. It dawned on us that we weren’t just supposed to ditch code; we needed to rethink the whole shebang, putting the domain expert's perspective front and center.

When we set out to make things easier for domain experts, we ended up creating a visual form of coding. We slowly started to realize that the visual editor was only obvious to people who already knew programming. It hit us then – we were wrapped up in our own tech language, which wasn't really helping the real-world experts. They needed something in their own language, not the engineer's speak. We thought we'd cracked it, but really, we were just thinking like engineers again.

It was time to head back to the drawing board to create something as intuitive as a text editor. And that is exactly what we plan to release soon – a brand new way to interact with AI. Stay tuned, We are launching in just a couple of weeks 🚀🌟